7 Essential Tools For Your Off-Roading Trips

Off-roading is always a great adventure, but like any adventure, you need to be prepared for any eventuality that might occur along the way. If you don’t yet have a tool kit ready for your 4×4 expeditions, now is the time to make one up – and these are the top 7 things you need to include to ensure that you’ll never be caught off guard!

#7: A Recovery Kit

Vehicle recovery is an important consideration for any driver, but if you are a 4×4 driver, it is even more crucial because of the powerful mechanical forces at play. Remember to only use top-quality vehicle recovery equipment from a renowned brand. Your kit should include a few shackles, a snatch strap with a minimum breaking strength of three or four times the weight of your vehicle, and other essential items, and should be stored within easy reach under your driver’s seat.

#6: A Light or Torch

LED work lights or powerful torches will certainly come in handy if you need good vision under poor lighting conditions. Solving an issue on-trail can be time consuming, and you need to be prepared to be out and functional after dark if need be. Rechargeable options with magnets and hooks also make a tough situation much easier to handle – and you can use them to play Australian pokies online in the dark too, if need be!

#5: Recovery Boards

These nifty devices are designed specifically for off-roading, and act as strong nylon shovels that you can either put under your tires and drive over, or use to excavate them instead. They also work in snow, mud, and soft sand, making them a great addition to your kit in case you just stuck in a sticky situation!

#4: A Tire Repair Kit

This goes without saying. Even the latest off-roader 4x4s can end up with flat tires, which is easy enough to fix if you have the right equipment. Be sure to choose a quality kit that comes with new valves, dust caps, and perhaps even a can of Fix-a-Flat tire inflater and sealant. For larger tires, opt for an air compressor as well.

#3: Jump Starting Equipment

Batteries can run flat on any vehicle, so it pays to be prepared. Pack some appropriate jumper cables along for the ride, or if you are headed to a solitary area, there are high capacity lithium ion batteries on the market as well that will charge your battery without the need for another car’s assistance and power your pokies at https://www.australianpokiesonline.net/.

#2: Basic Hand Tools

Common tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers and the likes are always handy, no matter what situation you find yourself in. Put a dedicated tool kit in your 4×4 and you’ll end up using it more than you think.

#1: A Navigation System

Be it a Garmin, an off-road navigation app, or anything else you prefer, it’s best not to rely on traditional paper maps when bundu-bashing. Any solution that will track your route in real time and provide accurate directions is a good one!