More of The World’s Best Off-Road Trails

There is nothing better than a vacation and why not try something a bit different like trying out some off-road trails around the world.  This could turn out to be your best adventure yet.

Quesada, Spain

Quesada in Spain is a small town and is well known among motorcycle off-road enthusiasts.  This area has many trails from one-day trails to five-day trails.  Off-roading is a great way to see this part of Spain and a popular scenic route is through Jabalcón Mountains near Baza.

The terrain is mainly gravel and has many river crossings.  There are also dried riverbeds that allow for off-road practicing.  The scenery in this area is spectacular, and the ideal motorcycle for this type of ride would be Yamaha WR 250 or 450.

Makgadikgadi, Botswana

Botswana, specifically the Makgadikgadi, is possibly the world’s largest saltpans.  This area also has a huge dried up lake and is well known for challenging 4×4 off-road driving.  The trail goes through the National Park.

The terrain is mostly flat and dusty with large open areas and the trails have both small and large ruts that can cause damage to vehicles.

It is not advisable to do off-roading in this area during the rainy season as the ground becomes very marshy and is difficult to navigate, so you best stick to the online Blackjack Canada has to offer if you want any kind of thrills.  The best vehicle to use for this area is a strong off-roader such as a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Huautla De Jimenez, Mexico

Huautla De Jimenez is in Mexico and is known for its caves, which are some of the deepest in the world.  This area also has an early Mayan brick road that starts at Huautla and winds its way through to Port Veracruz.  This road has graduating steps, which is great as it helps with preventing fatigue.

In order to get to Huautla you will need to travel 160km along a narrow and unpaved road.  The trail leading up to Huautla De Jiminez is mainly unpaved and has dirt and stones.  The most demanding sections of this trail are the steep uphills that have the mountain on one side and on the other side are deep valleys.

The road also has many sharp curves, which make it even more challenging.  This trail is recommended for experienced drivers only and a Jeep Wrangler would be the best vehicle for this.

Gobi Desert, Mongolia

The Gobi Desert is in Mongolia and can get extremely cold. The Gobi Desert is not just a wide expanse of sand, it also has canyons, mountains and many sand dunes that go on forever. The best place to begin is Ulaanbaatar and Khongoryn Els.

The ride will take around ten days and will also end in Ulaanbaatar.  This off-road experience is unique as the terrain ranges from exposed rocks to gravel and sand.

Not only is this a unique off-road experience but the Gobi Desert also offers diversity that cannot be found in other deserts.  This trail is best done on a KTM 450 EXC, one of the world’s best off-roading motorcycles.