Most Dangerous 4X4 Trails In The world Today

There is something to be said for hitting beautiful, majestic landscapes, and taking in the beauty as you ease your 4X4 over mild terrain. But then, is that really why you bought a 4X4? Which isn’t to say there is anything wrong with taking calm, scenic routes. But sometimes you also want to hit some truly challenging terrain, even if just to see what your vehicle is capable of handling.

Glass House, Australia

The Glass House Mountain trail in Australia is legendary. Many 4X4 enthusiasts call it the cream of the crop as far as adventure driving goes, offering up both incredible views and scarily dangerous trails. Drivers will come perilously close to sheer drops, even as the tackle boulder strewn landscapes. Though, once conquering the terrain a stunning view of Sidney is the reward.

For those wondering, the mountains are called the Glass House due to the volcanic rocks that litter the area, some of which appear transparent.

Die Trying, Colorado

Yes, when a trail is literally called Die Trying, you know you’re in for something special. The Die Trying trail in Colorado has an ominous reputation, though, like Glass House, also has plenty of rewards for the determined.

Be warned; this is extreme off-roading at its best and Die Trying certainly shouldn’t be tackled lightly. There is some very rough terrain, and anything less than a professional 4X4 vehicle will certainly not make it. Those that do make it can check out some Australian Open betting on their phone as they take in the seemingly endless view.

Fordyce Creek, California

If you’re bored of just crossing rock alone, how about mixing it up with a rushing creek for good measure? Fordyce Creek is rated as between an 8 and a 9 in terms of danger, and for very good reason. The climbs are over water slick rock, and the is terrain very difficult and predictable. If your 4X4 isn’t well prepared, there is every chance you will land up with a stalled engine in a precarious situation.

Waterproofing is to be taken very seriously, if you’re brave enough to face this major off-roading challenge.

Mottino Wash, California

Or perhaps you prefer the danger of getting lost, rather than the danger of slippery rocks? Mottino Wash is incredibly beautiful, especially in the summer when the apple trees bloom. Though, lest it be forgotten, this is also the notorious Rattle Snake Canyon we’re talking about. Things suddenly started seeming a touch more ominous now, didn’t they?

Mottino Wash isn’t rated as difficult as the trails above, but don’t let that put you at ease. There is the very real risk of getting lost in the twisting canyons.

Hell’s Revenge, Utah

The most deadly sounding, but actually with a much lower difficulty rating of 6, Hell’s Revenge is perhaps the best place for beginner’s to start. The biggest challenges here are tricky turns and steep climbs, though at least not with the added challenge of water. The view is well worth the risks.