Must Visit 4×4 Trails in South Africa

The lure of a great 4×4 trail is difficult to resist for adrenaline junkies and 4×4 lovers. There are trails scattered throughout the world, but none are more worth a visit than the exciting and dangerous trails that you can traverse in Southern Africa.

The gorgeous and unique landscapes, coupled with the perfect weather and unknown environments, make these trails a must-try. You’ll need to be well equipped to explore these 4×4 routes, and you’ll need to be ready to brave the terrains. Check out these awesome 4×4 trails in Southern Africa below.

Marakele National Park Trail

Most of the 4×4 routes in Southern Africa are found throughout the region’s fantastic national parks, and none are better than the Marakele National Park in Limpopo, South Africa. This trail will take you about 3 days to complete with non-stop action and driving keeping you enticed along the way. This trail is recommended to only experienced 4×4 trail enthusiasts as the terrains are rough and the trail is a difficult one to traverse.

There are company trails where 5 drivers in 5 cars can take the trail on together, making for a communal experience that can’t be missed. Along the trail, you will be able to spot wildlife, including elephants, rhinos, and the regional Cape vultures.

Karoo National Park

The Karoo National Park in South Africa is one of the absolute best parks to explore in the whole of the African continent. It’s as rewarding as the FIFA World Cup odds you’ll find online.

Here you will be able to spot the entirety of the South African Big 5, which includes rhinos, buffalos, elephants, lions, and leopards. The longest trail at the Karoo National Park stretches over 50km (31 miles) and features a series of mountains and rivers, which you will have to traverse in your trusty 4×4.

This region is of massive historical, social, and ecological importance to the country of South Africa and is one that simply cannot be missed if you’re planning on doing a 4×4 tour of the country. The routes through this national park are challenging, and once again, it is only recommended that experienced drivers attempt to take them on. If you take on 4×4 routes often, be sure to bring your family along for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Addo Elephant Park

If you’re an elephant lover, then the Southern African region is a must-visit for you, and in particular, you might want to pay a visit to the Addo Elephant Park in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The trail route in this park will take you about 6 hours to complete and is more friendly to beginner drivers who want to experience their first ever 4×4 trip in Africa. Along the route, you will spot various elephants and zebras along with a few historical sites from the Anglo-Boer War in South Africa.