Why Panama Needs To Be On Your 4X4 Bucket List

If you want to go on a 4X4 adventure that offers something different, Panama is it. This amazing country can tap into your sense of wonder, and there are over two hundred islands on the San Blas Archipelago of which a great number are unexplored. Some of these are even made entirely of coral. For those looking for adventure, these islands could hold long, buried secrets and mysteries.

To add even more to the allure, the archipelago plays host to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world that would make any tropical traveler envious. In some cases, you can 4X4 on the beaches, while in others there are plenty of trails that lead you around the sandy shores.

Explore The Canal

The Panama Canal is a world-renowned wonder as a 48 mile, artificially created waterway that connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. There is a range of ways to experience it; from driving along to terraces and observation decks that let you see how the ships pass through the Lock Canals and exhibition halls that allow you to understand the history and how the canal changed modern-day shipping. You can also park your 4X4 and enjoy boat tours that cross the canal for a fully immersive experience.

Drive & Hike

Your 4X4 will let you reach new and exciting places, but you can’t always drive all the way. The town of Boquete has a more relaxed climate which can give tourists a break from the heat of the beaches but still enjoy the natural beauty of Panama. The hiking trails include rivers, waterfalls and even an abandoned castle. For the more serious hikers they can quest to the Baru Volcano. To top it all off Boquete offers a variety of great restaurants including Mike’s Global Grill which is an Expat Hub with dishes that range from Asian fusion, American and British.

Inner City Adventure

Panama has a beautiful contrast of the old meeting the new.  Casco Viejo also known as Old Town can quench the thirst of the romantics of the world or be an ideal spot for a couple’s getaway. Attractions include hotels in restored buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. You are surrounded by ruins and a kaleidoscope of color and culture as you look over the Bay at Panama City. To really set the mood the buildings and ruins are illuminate in creative ways as the evening draws in.

The city comes alive when the sun goes down with its magnificent skyline artistically embracing the sky. There are even tours designed to give you a flexible and unforgettable experience, enjoying casinos, bars, discos, popular rooftops, live bands and so much more across three sections of the city.  As long as you go easy on the Seco and practice at a Canadian casino online before betting big, you’ll be fine!

So, when you are looking for a holiday to combine 4X4 adventures and a whole lot more, be sure to keep Panama in mind.