Getting To Know Your 4×4

The humble 4×4 is full of surprises, and whether you see yourself as a seasoned professional or newbie, there are a few things that you may not know about your vehicle. The entire exercise from start to finish is a learning experience and knowing your vehicle can help make it more rewarding.

To start with, the speedometer is not accurate. This rings true for most vehicles. In some cases, the difference between the actual speed and the speed displayed can be 10km/h. The size of your tyres can also play a role in this and going up a few sizes can help even things out. However, there’s a fine line with this, and going up too many sizes could increase the difference between the actual speed and the displayed speed. A GPS will be able to show you a more accurate speed and can help you determine the difference. Of course, you will need to remain mindful of this difference while travelling, the last thing you want to do is get a speeding fine.

Did You Know That Tyres Expire?

In keeping on the topic of tyres, you need to pay careful attention to the age of your tyres. In addition to the wear and tear experienced by your adventurous, they will also begin to perish with time and compromise your safety. Tyres will have a four-digit number printed on them, indicating the manufacture date and should be good for about five years – at which point you should look into replacing them. Pro-tip, when buying new tyres, check the manufacturing date before you pay to ensure that they can give you five years. This is not to say that once the tyre hits five years that it will just fall apart, it is just a simple rule of thumb.

Factory Hooks May Not Suffice

While they may be installed for that purpose, the hooks that come with your 4×4 may not be strong enough to keep up with the demands of a 4×4 lifestyle. We recommend having them checked out beforehand and have a decent setup installed to ensure your safety – the last thing you want to be is stuck with no way of getting out. Even worse, if not properly fitted, it can result in injury – and even death. Your safety and the safety of those around you needs to always remain a priority. When you know your hooks are secure, you can relax, enjoy the drive you love with peace of mind.

Your tow ball is not suitable to use as a recovery point, even if it is easy to just throw a rope around it. They have not been designed to cope with massive amounts of energy applied in a short amount of time, resulting in them breaking and having a steel ball flying. In the same breath, if you are towing something, you need to be mindful of the weight and what your vehicle is legally allowed to carry. Your owner’s manual will specify what it is capable of, although additional things need to be considered that can include passengers, cargo, and vehicle accessories.

These are but a few of the many things that you need to know about your 4×4, hopefully, we were able to teach you a thing or two.