The Best GPS For Your Next Off-Roading Adventure

There’s nothing like the pull of open expanses of nature where there are no landmarks and all you can see is the beauty that this beautiful earth has to offer. To guide you on your wanderings, and make sure that you absorb everything that there is on offer, you need a great GPS. In this article, we review some of the best, which will be handy companions on your next adventure.


Garmin is one of the first companies to take GPS technology to market. The term ‘Garmin’ became a universal term for a GPS, just as a Kleenex became the universal name for a tissue.  They are still leaders in the GPS technology field and have branched out into wearable fitness technology as well.

Handheld units – such as the Montana 610 from Garmin – are great for off-roading adventures. Because these devices come with an enhanced satellite fix capability, this makes this GPS an even better companion for you when you decide to go off-road.


Magellan is another big name when it comes to GPS technology and has three units – the TRX7 CS, the TRX7 and the TR7 – which are perfectly suited to off-roading trips that you may want to take.

What’s absolutely awesome is that this GPS has a number of in-built features to make your off-roading trip that much more exciting. These are, for example:

  • Simple turn by turn trail and street navigation
  • Over 160 000 trails which are pre-loaded

In addition, there is no data connection required when you are on a trail and, in addition, the units allow you to save your tracks and share them with other off-roading enthusiasts!


Lowrance GPSs are a favourite among off-road enthusiasts as the units are extremely rugged and their hardware updates quite quickly. Their HDS range is the best of the best and models boast features, for instance:

  • Built-in Lowrance CHIRP sonar
  • Support for active imaging
  • Revolutionary LiveSight Sonar
  • Enhanced inland and coastal mapping
  • Automatic routing support

Android Or IoS Phone

If you have an old Android or IoS phone that is lying around, and you are not doing anything with it, you may want to consider using this as your GPS. There are a lot of GPS apps which are available for both devices. The only downside is that these are dependent on your ability to connect to a mobile data network, so if you are in an area that has poor connectivity, your GPS will go down.

iPad Mini

If you prefer using iPad technology especially to enjoy games online, then the good news is that the iPad mini has been released and is the perfect size for you to take with you in your off-roading vehicle.

If off-roading is the best way that you can think of to spend a holiday, then you need to have a reliable GPS unit to take with you. This will take you where you need to go and will help you discover a couple of gems along the way.