Why You Don’t Need To Modify Your Car

The world is obsessed with SUVs and the versatility that they offer. The world is also obsessed with making things bigger and better than ever before. But is there any logic to this? Is it even necessary?

While 10 years ago, cars were built for a specific purpose and that purpose alone, most modern cars have all the features you need to take the road less travelled. And given that the market is predominantly pick-up trucks and SUVs at the moment, manufacturers are adding more and more features to stand out from the crowd.

Of course, some people choose to buy these vehicles to meet a specific need. From extra space to off roading and everything in between, there’s a set of wheels to meet the need. There is another side to this, the people looking for big, oversized and overpowered cars to make a statement. These are the people that often look to add more to their setup. The truth is, most of these cars are more than capable of taking on the wilderness without any assistance.

Where Does The Need For Mods Come From?

Back in the day, accessories were necessary to ensure that your vehicle is able to handle everything the world throws your way. Nowadays, cars have been built to include all these features. This mean that anything you add is more for the novelty of it than anything else.

And the truth is, most people buying SUVs are buying it for commuting around the city and not bundu bashing. The people that choose to do the latter will look into cars that can perform. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t add anything to your setup or that it won’t make a difference. We’re simply saying that you don’t have to. A seasoned off-roader will know how to handle their wheels, which means that instead of wasting money, rather work on getting more experience. There’s never been a better reason to go 4x4ing over the weekend.

Aftermarket Upgrades That Do More Harm Than Good

While many may think that any additions will make a difference, the truth is some may do more harm than good. This can include:

  • Lifted suspension: While this allows you to fit bigger tires, it will throw off the centre of gravity and make it easier to roll your car. In addition to lifting the suspension, you also need to redo the brake lines, shocks, sway bar links and other critical parts of your suspension.
  • Big tires: This ties in with the previously mention modification. Not only will it affect the quality of your ride, but it’ll also forces the engine to work harder and affects your fuel economy.
  • Bumpers: While adding a sturdy bumper may seem like a good idea, it adds to the weight of the vehicle.
  • Winch: This is helpful if you get stuck, but only if you know how to use it. It also needs to be installed properly to prevent damage to the car as well as potential injury risk.

The bottom line is don’t waste your money, rather use it to play the Roulette Canada offers and win even more. Your car has been built to handle the world, so why not give it the chance to do so?