Helpful Tips For Preparing For An Offroad Event

Some of the world’s biggest and toughest offroad events involve pushing through terrain that would otherwise turn a normal car into a pile of debris. Many of these events require at least a full year of preparation, a tough vehicle, and an even tougher driver. For anyone that’s thinking of attempting their first offroading event, these are the kinds of preparations that need to be made before heading off.

Finding a Buddy

The buddy system is one that’s important in all extreme sports, and it’s especially well-suited to driving. In events like Dakar, all drivers will leave the starting area with someone they can rely on, and it’s having this extra help that often means the differences between leaving early or making it across the finish line. A reliable friend is an absolute must, and the extra manpower will prove incredibly useful, especially when in situations that require another person to push or pull.

Always Pack Extra

It may seem like a simple enough rule, but one of the biggest mistakes that amateur drivers make is misjudging the amount of gear they are going to need to get through the event, and it’s a mistake that can see their vehicle permanently put out of use. Offroad events tend to not have any weight limits, meaning that drivers are easily able to pack up their vehicle with more supplies than they think they could possibly use.

Take Frequent Breaks

Unless the event is a timed race, it’s important to take frequent breaks between long runs and have a bit of rest or play at a Cash Cabin Bingo in Canada. Driving for long distances over rough terrain is a good way of exhausting a driver fairly quickly, moreso if they don’t take the time to sit down and have something to eat and rest their eyes on. Taking a break every two hours is highly recommended, and getting out of the car for a brief period and stretching is also advised.

Never Hang On a Vehicle

Offroad vehicles that are involved in a long race will often have some weight distribution problems due to the extra supplies, and paired with uneven terrain can turn the vehicle into an instant death trap. When stuck, it’s never a good idea to hang on a vehicle and add too much weight to any of the sides, and never try to climb it. A vehicle can topple over relatively easily, and can crush anyone that gets stuck underneath it.

Maintain Tools

The tools that a driver takes with them on their drive will mean everything when their vehicle needs repairs, but the tools can only work well if they’ve been properly looked after. From the spanners under the seat to the winch on the front, it’s always a good idea to take the time and clean and oil everything that needs it, while doing necessary maintenance on any power tools that might be useful out in the field. Ensuring all tools are in good working order will prove worth it when they’re put under high strain.