7 of the Best Off-Road Trails in Europe

The world is your oyster when it comes to off-roading. No matter where on the globe you happen to find yourself, you are guaranteed to find a thrilling off-road trail to set your soul on fire. Previously we’ve focused on North America and Africa, but today we will focus on the European continent. Without further ado, here are 7 of the best off-road trails in Europe.

France: Château de Lastours

First and foremost a winery, Château de Lastours is located near Narbonne and has recently opened 90 kilometres of off-road tracks and a dedicated 4×4 test centre on their reservation. Take an unforgettable journey through a landscape of vines and lush nature and experience all the magic that this beautiful region has to offer. With regards to the difficulty level, rally raid vehicles are frequently brought here to be tested and refined, so there are plenty of challenges!

Germany: Off-Road Park

Located in one of Germany’s most breathtaking regions, Off-Road Park can be found in Bavaria on a 10-hectare site dedicated solely to the love of off-roading. With plenty of free-ride options for all vehicle types, Off-Road Park offers plenty of classic challenges across its rugged landscape.

United Kingdom: Lake District National Park

Offering an incredible range of 4×4 off-road trails for every level of difficulty, the Lake District Park in the United Kingdom is one of the beautiful destinations in Europe and you’ll feel guilty taking even a short gaming break in case your miss anything! Bring your own vehicle or rent one from one of many specialised agencies close by and get your temporary permit before heading out on a life-changing adventure.

France: Terrain d’évolution du Club 4X4

Located on the Steinberg Estate in Alsace, the Terrain d’évolution du Club 4X4 meet on a weekly basis when the Steinberg Estate opens their doors to 4×4 drivers upon reservation. Stretching over 20 hectares of awe-inspiring landscape, the trails are divided into different zones for a variety of difficulties and abilities and the area is suitable for all types of off-road vehicles.

Belgium: Château de Chérimont

Château de Chérimont is located on an estate of over 40 hectares and dominates the Meuse Valley almost entirely. Open upon reservation to clubs with a minimum of 5 vehicles, the 4×4 tracks wind through dense forest and over challenging muddy terrain to create a once in a lifetime experience.

Spain: Bassella

Located in a rugged, mountainous area between Andorra and Barcelona, the Bassella Estate spans 200 hectares and has almost countless 4×4 trails. Offering specially trained coaches to guide you on your journey, Bassella Estate only requires that you bring your own vehicle and your unrelenting spirit for adventure.

Italy: Mount Etna

Can you think of anything more exciting than racing across the volcanic landscapes which surround Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe? No? Well, neither can we! With plenty of 4×4 trails which see you traverse the mountainous terrain, you’ll also have access to certain authorised craters and you can rent a 4×4 in nearby Catania or Taormina if necessary.