Panoramic Trails In Colorado Perfect For Thrill Seekers

Known for being one of the most sung about landscape features in America, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado are an off-road adventurer’s dream come true, with trailheads aplenty to explore. The areas below feature some of the most incredible scenery, with a good mix of challenging but worthwhile topography to navigate, and there are some great backcountry trails to try.

If you’re keen to head out and explore, then the following trails are well worth your time. Just ensure your 4×4 has been checked and is kitted out to the trail you pick before you decide to get up and at ’em.

  1. Colorado State Forest

Set 3-hours outside of Denver, there are 71,000 acres of land that are available to adventure through with the state forest of Colorado boasting over 50 miles of off-road trails that 4×4 lovers can enjoy during summer months. Alongside going on winding trail, visitors also have a good chance of spotting indigenous wildlife like moose. It’s said that over 600 moose are spotted annually, so make sure you pack your camera.

  1. Lizard Head Pass

With snow-capped peaks for most of the year, the pass found on the San Juan Skyway, which showcase the Lizard Head Mountain, is a good spot for off-road enthusiasts orthose who enjoy a new place to play real money Bingo in NZ games. The almost 12-mile-long loop meanders through meadows and a fir forest and is accessed via State Highway 145. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful trails around, with great views of the southern part of the state. Depending on what time of year you go, you can catch the blooming wildflowers, tinkling waterfalls, golden-hued aspen trees, or brilliant white snowbanks. It’s also close to Telluride, which has a fair share of adventurous 4×4 trails to navigate.

  1. Mount Baldy

Overlooking the large natural lake with incredible views over the city, Mount Baldy offers several criss-crossing trails – though depending on which you pick, some do come with more than a few rocky peaks to transverse which will require a good handle on your vehicle. The trails on Mount Baldy are part of a sub-summit of Mount Almagro which is located on the south of Stratton Reservoir, and it bears remembering that most trails include the need to cross over small streams – and include switchbacks with loose gravel so good traction is essential.

  1. Alpine Loop

One of the most classic Colorado trails you can do, Alpine Loop is a 63-mile trail which is suited for those who enjoy 4×4 adventures since it incorporates plenty of rocky climbs and rugged trails. The number of ghost towns and ruins which can be explored along this trail are well worth checking out and are only viewable for those who engage in off-road exploration. There are several passes within Alpine Loop that can be explored, and the natural beauty of the area definitely makes it memorable.

  1. Red Feather Lakes

Within the 612,000 acres of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and only a few miles west of Fort Collins is Red Feather Lakes, an area full of natural beauty and wildflowers, intermingled with dirt trails that are ideal for 4×4 lovers and ATV vehicles. The most popular trail is the 23-mile Deadman Road – which is a point-to-point trail that has more than a few challenging rocky segments. In summer, you’ll probably get the most enjoyment on the Seven Mile Creek Road that crosses a creek, has a gentle uphill into a forest and travels through a vista-filled valley.

There are of course plenty of other trails within Colorado that are worth exploring, but the above will offer some of the most scenic vistas in the rocky mountain area.