Some Of The Best Off-Road 4×4 Trips In Australia

Australia is somewhat of a road-tripper’s dream. All you have to do is to gather some friends, stock a car and then set out. In addition to the wide, open-paved roads, Australia has several of the best off-road driving in the world. There are literally hundreds of outback 4×4 routes which lead you through isolated deserts, rugged mountain ranges as well as swaths of grassland. Here are some of them.

Simpson Desert

Wide-open blue skies or striking orange sunsets directly above the red sands of the Simpson Desert are images that many Australians hold fondly, irrespective of if they’ve travelled there beforehand or not. Prepare for mind-boggling remoteness, steep sand dunes as well as an adventure of a lifetime.

Canning Stock Route

Renowned as one of the world’s most isolated off-road tracks, the Canning Stock Route presents both challenge and reward. Once an old stock route, this track follows a string of wells that were once used to water livestock, which now give trekkers a water source.

Don’t have the expectation of encountering towns or emergency support centres along the way because the isolated route crosses through a number of deserts (the Gibson Desert, Little Sandy Desert and Great Sandy Desert) as well as Aboriginal traditional lands.

The Wild West Coast of Tasmania

The west coast of Tasmania is legendary for its wild wilderness and isolation. It provides a challenging, as well as memorable, off-road experience for adventuresome four-wheel drivers. Wild rivers cut through forests of lichen-swathed giants and then into the Southern Ocean, where the rugged coastline.

Cape York Track / Old Telegraph Track

The Cape York Track, which is also known as the Old Telegraph Track, takes you through Australia’s tropical northern areas. Once the region’s sole line of communication, this track features a number of different river crossings, such as the Jardine River as well as Gunshot Creek. Some of these river crossings include near-vertical exits.

It’s thus essential to have all-terrain tyres and not rely on when you get a lucky break. Plus, you must also check for sturdy recovery points prior to undertaking these types of crossings.

There are several different swimming holes to enjoy, such as those at Fruit Bat Falls, Eliot Falls as well as Twin Falls. There are several scenic stop-off points along the way, including Old Laura Station, Lakefield National Park, Weipa, Thursday Island as well as Chili Beach.

While the river crossings could make progress on the Cape York Track a bit slow sometimes, embrace the opportunity in order to get intimately acquainted with Australia’s ‘Tip.’

Victorian High Country

Don’t allow the closeness of the Victorian High Country to urban Melbourne get you fooled. This is some of the most technically tricky four-wheel driving which the country has to offer. The good news is that the effort you’ll need to put in is well worth it. Experience stunning vistas, lush green forests as well as fascinating pioneering history in the homeland of the Man from Snowy River.

Fraser Island

World-heritage listed Fraser Island is a four-wheel driver’s mecca, located off the southern coast of Queensland. Fraser Island is a unique off-road experience that has to be seen to be believed.