The World’s Top 5 Off-Road Destinations

These days travelling isn’t only reserved for planes and ships and many thrill-seekers are heading to remote locations to put their all-wheel driving skills to the test.

From secluded deserts to rocky outcrops, these top 5 off-road destinations offer breath-taking scenery and off-road adventure galore.

So pack your bags, renew your passport, hire an all-terrain vehicle, and prepare to get back to the base elements of nature.

Morocco, North Africa

Morocco, located in North Africa, offers a wide range of terrain from lush green plains to rugged mountain roads and blistering desert contours. Home to the Atlas Mountains, you’ll find the Sahara Desert – the largest desert in the world – to the south of the country and the terrain consists of salt marshes, dry valleys, natural canyon, rocky plateaus, and sand dunes – all of which are perfectly suited to testing your driving skills.

West Virginia, United States

The Hatfield-McCoy Trail System was created by the West Virginia Legislature to attract tourism to the state and was named after the famous family feud which took place in the area over 100 years ago.

With hundreds of miles of trails, the project is continuously expanding and trail options range from those perfect for beginners to those seeking the ultimate test of their skills. Open 365 days a year to ATVs, dirt bikes, and utility vehicles, the organisation that oversees the project’s development have hinted that there will be as much as 2,000 miles of trails upon completion – much the number of top betting sites.

Sahara Desert, Africa

In the Sahara Desert, extreme heat and mind-blowing typography combine to create the ultimate off-roader’s fantasy. Spanning the upper part of the African continent from east to west, the Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world, covering an area of 9.2 million km², and much of its largely inhospitable terrain make it the perfect location for other-worldly adventures.

For something a little different, the Rallye Aiche des Gazelles is a 100% off-road women-only event and pits two teams against each other as they race across the desert landscape of Morocco.

Baja California, Mexico

While the Sea of Cortez is most popular amongst tourists looking for an unforgettable whale-watching experience, the peninsula also offers some of the best off-road terrain in the world.

As the location of the Baja 1000 – which is one of the most thrilling ways to test your skills, the peninsula of Baja California also offers plenty of options for entry level riders and drivers.

From ATVs and quads to UTVs, this off-road paradise has something for everyone, as well as some of the most breath-taking beach resorts in the world.

Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia

One of Australia’s best kept secrets is the second-largest sand island in the world, Moreton Island, located in Queensland.

Much of Moreton’s roads – which all together reach a length of 35km – have been left undeveloped owing to the islands relative anonymity and you’ll be able to enjoy creeks, rocky outcrops, hills, and beach sand as part of the terrain.