The Best All-Terrain Vehicles On The Market

Most adventurers that head out into the great outdoors tend to prefer using SUVs and 4×4s due to their popularity and ease-of-us. And while there are plenty of modern cars and trucks to use out on rough terrain, they are often too heavy and not powerful enough to be considered true all-terrain vehicles. For those are searching for the ultimate machines that can take them as far off of the beaten track as possible, these are the world’s true all-terrain vehicles in every sense of the word.

  1. Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4×4i

The Brute Force is Kawasaki’s answer to getting through even the most inhospitable terrains imaginable, offering a very powerful and rugged 4-wheel drive machine that houses a powerful V-twin engine that uses selectable power transfer to get over just about anything. It also boasts a double-wishbone front suspension and an independent rear to help get over everything from rocks to mud, and thanks to its towing capabilities, the Brute Force can used as the ultimate emergency vehicle. It’s tough, powerful, and scratch resistant.

  1. John Deere Gator XUV825i

The best version of the John Deer Gator comes in the form of their Midnight Black, and there are few other vehicles that can quite match it out on tough terrain. The entire vehicle comes with matte black colouring, from the chassis, the panels, and even the alloy rums. It offers its user a 50 horsepower, 812cc engine that packs a serious punch, paired alongside its versatile 4WD system that promises the chance to go just about anywhere in the wild, and almost always to places that traditional off-roaders would battle with. The seats offer comfort throughout the trip, meaning users can drive up a mountain just as comfortably as they would sitting and enjoying

  1. Yamaha Viking F1

The Viking F1 is the perfect merger of comfort and versatility, with comfortable bucket seats that can easily fit 3 people, along with plenty of shoulder room. Its 686cc, single cylinder 4-stroke engine has as much torque as most on-road trucks, making it a great rescue vehicle, but also meaning that it’s able to cover most types of terrain in very little time. It’s a popular choice for hunters, in particular, thanks to its all-wheel downhill engine breaking, allowing it to stop on most slopes and inclined banks. 3-point seatbelts, paired with padded headrests means a comfortable drive throughout, and plenty of added security.

  1. Can-Am Commander Max Limited

Comfortably sitting up to four people at once, the Can-Am Commander is a sight to behold, with sleek design, a rugged exterior, and even a 4-speaker sound system so passengers have something to listen to as they make their way through everything nature has to throw at them. Unlike many of its competitors, the Commander is built not just as an all-terrain option for the adventurer, but as a full-house driving experience complete with a windscreen and a roof. Under the hood, a V-twin powertrain pushes the vehicle forward, and its modern camo aesthetic allows it to perfectly blend into its surroundings.