The Most Common Offroading Car Issues

Building a powerful offroader involves creating a machine that’s able to take on just about every challenge that’s thrown at it. From climbing steep mountains to pushing through the thickest swamps, our offroad vehicles need to be tough in order for them to get us from one point to another. But rough terrain will almost always lead to damage of some kind, and these are usually problems that most offroad drivers will need to deal with at some point or another.

Tyre Damage

The tyres are the shoes of the car, and take a large part of the brunt when venturing through the great outdoors. Their role on the car also makes them much more susceptible to the dangers of the terrain, whether it’s jagged rocks or particularly strong thorns, or even just natural wear and tear. Tyres need to be changed as often as possible, but it’s also vital that the tyres used are high quality. It might be much more expensive to put quality tyres on a vehicle, but it pays off in the long run, especially when good tyres are needed the most.


Pushing through a dense jungle or up a steep hill means that the vehicle will be facing constant vibrations, jolts, and small collisions, all of which can start to take their toll on the vehicle. One of the most common problems that drivers face is their alignment being knocked out while they’re out, which means that the wheels will no longer line up properly with the steering wheel. It might not seem like too much of a problem at first, but leaving it for too long can cause bigger issues down the line, and can even cause damage to the vehicle’s shock absorbers.


When offroading, it’s expected that the transmission is going to be working hard, as the driver will generally be driving at a high RPM and low shifts. This will eventually put a toll on the transmission, and it’s extremely common for a gearbox to fail while out in the wilds. This can directly lead to a myriad of other problems, such as transmission fluid leaks, missed gears, difficulty shifting, warning lights, as well as a burning smell that can become overwhelming. If the transmission fails completely on a trail, it can be almost impossible to repair, and might require calling in help from an outside source, which would mean having to sit and play at to pass the time.

Undercarriage Damage

The undercarriage of a vehicle serves as the main space for transferring power and fluids from the front to the rear of the car, and vice versa. It’s vital to ensure that the undercarriage is as well protected as possible, as any damage could lead to systems completely failing, such as if the brake line gets severed on a sharp rock. The undercarriage is also the protective barrier between the terrain and various reservoirs, such as the oil sump, which can easily be punctured under the right circumstances.